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If I were to hazard a guess I would say that this film was made on the ring road between Kabul and Ghazni…. The brothers looked at each other and nodded. The Bot  who was the best operator I ever saw in Afghanistan. If you are not one of the over 3 million people who have watched this interview on YouTube take the time to watch it. Jawad belongs to the Hazara minority not native to this area. Sure, who could argue the merits of and need for basic military leadership and esprit de corps borne of shared commitment and sacrifice at the small unit level. Speculation in the press is this incident occurred recently in Nangarhar province which is the gravidmassage sexdateing part of Afghanistan where US forces are operating outside the wire. I was sure the reason for handing me the grenades had little to do with an actual threat but I wanted to be ready just in case.

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